Firm Objective-targeted, highly customized assignments:
Bastin Advisory is a consulting advisory dedicated to wealth and asset management firms. The heart of its approach lies in targeted, highly customized assignments to address all facets of a wealth or asset manager to improve its success in the marketplace, address strategic issues for future development and help its clients who are facing unprecedented challenges.
The principal of Bastin Advisory is Denis Bastin, who has been actively involved in all facets of wealth and asset management for close to 40 years, from both an industry perspective and in a consultant role.
-Portfolio manager for both ultra high net worth individuals and institutional investors,
-Sales and marketing professional to some of the most sophisticated institutional and family office investors around the world ,
-CEO Off-shore private bank.
For the past 13 years he switched to consulting, most recently as a partner with Oliver Wyman Financial Services, where he advised wealth and asset managers in North America, Europe and the Middle East.
Focus on smaller, emerging firms and limited number of large firms with a vision:
Having worked in his entire career for two large financial institutions and a major consultancy, Denis now wishes, with Bastin Advisory to work with smaller wealth and asset management firms and on targeted strategic issues for the CEOs of a limited number of larger firms.
The nature of the assignments will be one to one as Denis wishes to contribute his considerable personal experience and provocative thought process to up and coming and forward looking firms in a world for wealth and asset management which is profoundly different after the worst bear market across most asset classes since the great depression.
For up and coming emerging and mid-size firms that cannot afford the “big ticket” fees of traditional management consultants, Bastin Advisory brings a broad experience and troubleshooting capabilities within reach.
We will seek a limited number of strategic advisory relationships with larger firms we have known over the years, who may value a “sparring partner” to discuss various strategic options or conduct specific short assignments to provide the answer to a strsgic issue (e.g can I comptete in institutional Fund of Hedge Fund business).  
A commitment to reflect on client issues:
As result of all of this, Bastin Advisory will only embark on a limited number of assignment and each will receive its full attention to arrive at well thought out observations and recommendations.
Denis commits to ring-fencing his time for each assignment to provide the best analysis in keeping with the particular genetic make up and circumstances of the firm, as well as the constraints, to arrive at actionable and customized recommendations.
The time to reflect, away from the “noise”, is an attribute that Denis is determined to bring back to all his assignments as exemplified by his work environment. Additionally, we will not market ourselves widely but stick to the wide network of professionals, and friends, developed over the course of 40 year.
A global view:
During his 40 year career, Denis has split his time between Europe and the US and he maintains a residence in both New York and Paris. He has a deep understanding of both sets of culture.
Finally we will set aside at least 20% of our time to work pro-bono with trade organizations and regulators to further the understanding of the industry and promote, at the end of the day, the best interests of final investors, whether individual or institutional who desperately need solutions to serious problems.
Reasonable fees:
By design, Bastin Advisory has low overheads and an established presence on both sides of the Atlantic. Further, as the primary motivation of Denis Bastin is too do what he likes best in providing well thought out practical recommendations and solutions with people he enjoys, the professional fees will be reasonable and quoted upfront for any given project. We believe the value-added over cost will be very high however.
Available upon request