Partner Oliver Wyman Financial Services, London, New York, Paris 2004-Present
  • When Marsh acquired Oliver Wyman the Manager Advisory team was integrated into the much larger structure, initially in London. The fit was perfect as OW FS was trying to penetrate the wealth and asset management segments of financial services with little expertise. The combination was an immediate success in Europe and the Middle East as it combined the strong existing relationships and expertise of the Manager Advisory team with asset managers with group level contacts at banks and insurance companies of OW FS.
  • After a year, my partners, aware of my past history in the US, asked me to open up the market there while maintaining an active presence in the European market with my closest relationships, mostly in France, the UK, Benelux and Switzerland.

European Partner Mercer Manager Advisory, London 1996-2003

  • Having to relocate to Europe for personal reasons, I embarked on a consultant career as I felt that my long US experience in asset management could help European managers through the necessary process of improved professionalism. I found investment consultants at Mercer who shared my views and we set up a dedicated team to serve investment managers.
  • Over the course of 8 years we gradually built a very extensive network of contacts and business from the UK, across Continental Europe and the Middle East spanning independents, embedded and work for large pension and Sovereign funds in good harmony and appropriate ring -fencing with Mercer Investment Consulting.


Credit Lyonnais 1990-1996
Managing Director Off-Shore Private Bank Latin America

  • Having recognized that the institutional asset management market was premature for an investment organization focused on its French retail network, I was asked to take over the management of the Latin American Private Bank which had never been properly centrally managed. This piggy-backed on a significant on-shore banking presence across the region.
  • We totally revamped and unified the investment offering to fit the needs of the region, put in new central systems and generally upgraded the relationship managers both locally and in Miami as well as integrating the services with those of Credit Lyonnais(Suisse) SA as a natural stepping stone for larger accounts
  • This effort was cut short by the financial crisis at Credit Lyonnais which caused it to dispose of its Latin American banking presence

Managing Director-Asset Management (1990-1994)

  • I was brought into Credit Lyonnais by Jean-Yves Haberer, the President of the bank, who had previously been the President of Paribas to emulate what Paribas had accomplished in asset management. I was based in New York where I set up Credit Lyonnais Asset Management (CLAM), but my mandate really was to shake up the French retail focus of the asset management division
  • I had of course done some due diligence and the division had good investment expertise and seemed motivated to develop outside of France and into the institutional world, but I knew this would take time.
  • I adopted a progressive strategy of first developing some joint ventures with US managers on global products. We did a successful joint venture with Keystone (since absorbed by Evergreen and now Wells Capital) to manage a global small cap Fund which exists to this day. Unfortunately if the US sold extremely well with a peak at $ 750 million, Credit Lyonnais failed miserably in its own distribution efforts in spite of commitments and I realized that the culture of the French firm would never quite evolve.

Paribas, Paris, New York 1971-1990

Managing Director Paribas Asset Management

  • The first Continental European dedicated investment subsidiary actually started out as Paribas Becker Asset Management but Paribas disposed of this subsidiary to Merrill Lynch. The enterprise was a clone of Warburg Investment Management as Paribas and Warburg at the time had a close relationship (of course Warburg became Mercury, then MLIM and now Blackrock).
  • I participated in all the legal and regulatory groundwork to set up this SEC registered company which was complex as Paribas had many interests in the US and was “grand fathered” from many of the restrictions of Glass Steagall which was still in place but it required a long process with the Fed
  • Once in place with an investment team hired from Citibank, I assumed the lead product specialist sales role to sophisticated pension funds and endowments as well as their consultants in the US (I remember the many trips to the quaint townhouse in Stamford of Rogers, Casey and Barksdale). I also marketed to sophisticated institutions around the world and the Singapore GIC was a client
  • Clients included Bell Atlantic, Shell Oil, Calpers and the Tennessee Valley Authority and we were featured one year as one of the most promising up and coming managers by Pensions & Investment Age.

Representative-Paribas Investments-New York (1975-1984)

  • After taking a minority stake in A.G.Becker, jointly with S.G. Warburg, I was invited to spend 6 months in Becker Securities’ research department to foster links between the two firms and develop ideas on the US market for the investment department in Paris.
  • I quickly discovered the Funds Evaluation department of A.G. Becker which had invented performance measurement, which changed my outlook on how to conduct investment management, and within this department a multitude of bright professionals who went on to populate the investment community in the US (e.g. David Booth, founder of DFA)
  • I moved to the new representation office of Paribas and gradually became the investment resource in the US for both European ultra high net worth clients of Paribas ( listed investments, real estate, farm land) and the bank’s own portfolio of investments (oil and gas, commercial real estate).

Vice President-Paribas Investment Department-Paris (1971-1975)

  • Joined the bank in December 1970 as an AVP and assistant portfolio manager covering the UK and Commonwealth countries, including South Africa and a sub-specialization in precious metals.
  • Quickly promoted to VP and co-lead portfolio manger on the US market and developed with senior economist (who is today the Head of Strategy for A.D.I.A.) some innovative top down approaches to anticipate major market cycles and identify new asset classes.
  • During those bear market years, we always found ways, through sheer innovation and “gutsy” calls to generate positive returns for our largely retail and high net worth clients.


  • BA/Masters Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris ,1970


  • British and French nationalities, permanent US resident
  • Maintain residencies in NY and Paris