Bastin Advisory is founded on a number of credos:

- The “carnivore” component of the asset management business is above all about the people and from that its genetic make up which cannot be violated at the risk of implosion. Understanding the unique set of values in a good manager and then seeking to optimize them in the marketplace, paying due respect to limits on scalability, is a core proposition of Bastin Advisory. Recommendations can only be highly customized,
- In for the most part an extremely benign environment for wealth and asset management in the eighties and nineties through the bursting of the tech bubble, participants developed a frame of reference and legacy habits that now need to be questioned. The strong upswing after the bursting of the tech bubble reinforced this back to business as usual, but it is not. Having experience that spans beyond that secular bull market is critical,
- The trust factor in wealth management, which is core to the business, has been substantially eroded and successful firms emerging from the crisis will need to put this foremost in their offering to reclaim the confidence of its clients. The challenge will be in the migration to the new transparent business model, and an opportunity for new, untainted, players
- As we emerge from the unprecedented credit crisis, it is not back to business as usual. The world, and the core values, has profoundly changed, for the better, and this has to be incorporated in any business model especially as it relates to the fiduciary responsibility of managing third party assets.
- More than ever success in asset management is a function of innovation, whether to design new approaches to meet the challenges of retirement or to provide investors with new investment opportunities, and worthy ideas with equity.